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Applied Science and Humanities

The depts. are an arc through which we welcome the student at the outset. The faculties are well experienced and committed to teach the students in the most comprehensive manner


Since mathematics strengthens the foundation of engineering students, the teachers of department of mathematics teach with a view to develop positive attitude to make subject more interesting and endeavor to open the vistas of general engineering through simplifying and attractive methods.


Chemistry is a basic science subject which is essential for all engineering courses. It gives knowledge of engineering materials, their property related applications. Due to technological progress there are hazardous effects on environment and human life. The core knowledge of environment effect will bring awareness among students about the precaution and preventions to be taken to reduce the ill effects of pollution. The dept. has a well-equipped laboratory having all the required instruments and chemicals:


The Dept. of English has got excellent lecture halls and language lab, digitized with interactive language learning & audiovisual facilities. The students are given enough of facilities to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills which go a long way to groom their personalities to face interviews in public and corporate private sectors as well in the Government.


Physics is essential to understand engineering subjects in a better and correct prospective. Engineering subjects are based on the basis of scientific subjects like Physics without which the bare concepts of engineering would be difficult to understand.