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Electricity is the key to a country's socio-economic developments. For shouldering the burden of grooming bright Electro skill personnel, the department of Electrical Engineering at CIP is making effort to contribute in this direction. State-of-the-art laboratories equipped with all necessary machinery, well experienced faculty & congenial academic atmosphere will no doubt contribute to all round development of students.

There are plenty of openings for Electrical Diploma Holders. The Diploma Holders find openings as Maintenance Engineers in industrial and commercial buildings. They can be absorbed as Trainees in reputed Public Sector / Private Sector companies. They can also find openings as power control engineers. They are offered specialized training in power control in companies such as BEL, BHEL, CPRI, KPTCL etc. They can become Government Licensed Engineers to undertake erection of electrical layout works in industries. They also have the opportunity of working as power plant engineers in electric power generating stations.